Arizona Savory Hub is made up of a diverse management team where each member brings a unique but complementary strength to the organization. Each member is from a different climatalogical region within the state of Arizona, which offers an opportunity to set up demonstration sites to prove holistic management credibility and value, as well as, provide the framework for future projects throughout the state.

Meet the Arizona Savory Hub Team

Ricardo Aguirre –Director

Ricardo grew up on a cattle ranch. He has been around animals all of his childhood and adolescent life. He understands animal behavior and the ranching culture. Ricardo has a bachelor degree in civil engineering from the University of Arizona and a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where his focus was in water resources and hydro-systems. He is a professionally registered engineer in nine states, including Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. He is a certified floodplain manager and certified in water harvesting. His twenty (20) plus years of experience in engineering with his background in ranching and farming enables him to quickly define the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with land masses. From evaluating and understanding local government real estate ordinances to analyzing the physical aspects of land masses, Ricardo will be instrumental in optimizing HM objectives.

Bryan Riggs – Executive Vice Director

Bryan has been involved in agriculture his whole life. He is a sixth generation cattle rancher, and ranches the same land his family has been ranching since 1879. Bryan feels one of the most valuable strengths he exhibits is his mindset. He feels that he has always been open to improving his family’s ranch with improved management strategies, while utilizing proven past practices that have been used on his family’s ranch for generations. Being born and raised on a ranch he has 18 years of hands on experience before continuing his education with a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science and agricultural education from the University of Arizona. Since graduation in 1998 he returned home to run the family ranch with his dad and continues to learn and implement improved techniques on the family ranch to help the ranch become as efficient as possible. Currently, the ranch runs over 600 mother cows.

Gerald Scott House – Vice Director

Scott, as he prefers to be called, has been employed with the Navajo Nation, Division of Community Development, Design and Engineering Services, for the past 25 years. He is responsible for project management services to plan, initiate, implement, monitor/control, and close-out capital outlay projects. This involves the planning, design, and construction of public facilities on the Navajo Nation funded by various agencies through federal, state, and tribal appropriations. He majored in Civil Engineering at the University of New Mexico and Project Management courses from the University of Wisconsin. Scott is currently involved in revising the Navajo Nation’s policy and procedures for project management, procurement, and contracting for project implementation and development. Mr. House also served on the Rulemaking Committee for the Bureau of Indian Education which formulated the rating structure for all BIE funded schools across the United States.